Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Translations Promised Soon

New translations of Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi promised (I"H) by Devash at Tomer Devorah.
Im yirtzeh Hashem, b'ezrat Hashem, I am re-opening the Geula Messages blog. I hope to begin again to make Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi's messages available to the English-speaking public, unless someone else will consent to do so. I think he speaks by Ruach HaKodesh and that what he has to say is important for all of us.
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Friday, April 19, 2013

English Summary of a Shiur by Rav Nir Ben Artzi

 NOTE: On April 4, 2013, Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi gave a shiur in Hebrew at Nachli Tefila in Ramat Beit Shemesh. An anonymous person provided this summary (not a translation) in English.

In the future, Jerusalem will encompass all of the current land of Eretz Yisrael. And the rest of the earth will be the new Eretz Israel.
Jews are in chu"l - outside of Israel - only because of money.

Israel is the safest and most protected place to be.
We hear that many Jews are being thrown out of the homes and communities in many countries,
Hashem is destroying all of the world because of money issues, so that Jews will finally come to Israel.
Moses was 1/2 man and 1/2 angel. Moshiach will be the same.
All Jews will also be half each.
In the future, Jews will no longer have a yetzer ha-ra (evil inclination) and will be angels in human bodies.
Jews have a neshama - a part of Hashem.
With Moshiach, there will no longer be death for Jews.

Jews, when mad, the yetzer ha-ra can be seen in their eyes.
When you act from the yetzer tov - there are no arguments.
In holiness there are no arguments.
In tahara (purity) there are no arguments.

According to the Torah, it is forbidden to take revenge on your fellow Jew.
People think that being Shomer Shabbat is not using electricity, driving. working, etc.
It's that but more. It's also how and what you speak about.
The speech of a Jew creates. If a Jew doesn't observe Shabbos with his speech, he is then presented with things that will bother him on the next Shabbos.
Be happy, sing, learn, speak properly. Then, your next Shabbos will bring good things. Each Shabbos you do this with proper speech, more good will come to you.

Honor your parents - It's not about honoring them to get an inheritance. Often after parents are niftar, the children argue about the inheritance and there is no peace of benefit. When one honors parents with all our heat, one's health will be good, so that one can take good care of their parents. Honoring parents brings longer lives for self, one's spouse and one's children too.

Hashem will continue to destroy Iran. He will finish Syria - both sides - (Gov't and opposition).
Hashem is causing Hezballoh, PA, Hamas, etc. to argue among themselves.
Jordan will soon fall - the king's leadership will fall.
Hashem is doing all this for the good of Israel.
Hezballah, Iran, etc., have thousands of rockets.
Hashem will not allow them to hurt Israel.
Hashem will finish Syria.

The enemies around us will eat up each other
There is tension in the air.
This tension is so that Jews will do Teshuva.

Hamas is training terrorists to attack Israel. They will not be succeed.
Iran will have more and more earthquakes.
The IDF will not need to send plane to Iran.
Iran will be stopped by natural causes (disasters).

Hashem can do it all. Everything is his doing.
Hashem rules everything. Fish, bugs, the sun, everything
Hashem provides food to all.
We do not have enough understanding or ability to understand what Hashem is can do.

Other countries make noises (threats) but they will not succeed.
Hashem wants us to be concerned so that we will do teshuva, chessed, have ahavat chinam, not to hurt each other..

Hashem sees all of what we do. And we get back for it. Good or bad (deeds on our part) affect what comes back to us.
Hashem spread the Jews around hate world. He will also bring them back.
Yetzer Ha-ra bother the people and influences us.
Unlike others, Jews tremble and regret when they do wrong.

Soon more floods, windows and other natural events will be seen around the world.
In France, anti-Semitism will grow.
Thousands of Jews are being attacked in various countries and the police participate or don't stop it. These things are not publicized.

Galut is ending. Be patient.
Each week, the pace increases.
Anti-Semitism is for the good of the Jews – to get them to wake up and come to Israel and to Hashem and away from materialism.
America is falling and will throw out Jews or cause them to leave.
When we have money and materialism, people aren't close to Hashem. When things are hard, they come to Hashem.

They found gas in the Mediterranean. They will find oil too.
Great treasures will be found in Israel.
All problems a Jew has – parnassa, electric, car, ailments, all comes from Hashem. And is for our good.
We need emunah, to believe in Hashem.
All things come from Hashem.
If we don't get a job, it may be because it would have been life-threatening to us.
We don't know.
Hashem does it all for our good.

Backaches, foot pains, other pains…
Check one's deeds and see what he is doing (good or bad)

If a person is late and traffic, it could be to protect him from some danger (e.g. a car accident). Thank Hashem for everything.
Everything is hashgacha from Hashem. So that Jews will return to Him.
Daven 3 times a day.
All will be good for Israel.

Don't fear our new government. Angles are working with the leaders of Israel. This generation of leaders are all robots, led by Hashem and angels. It doesn't matter who they are.
This is the last generation before geula.
We must unite. Work for Shalom Bayit.
Follow the 10 Commandments.
Hashem will protect us.
There will be big tests. We will be protected

Friday, April 5, 2013

Translations Suspended

Until further notice, translations of Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi into English have been suspended. If there is anyone else available to translate his weekly messages, we will happily post and share them here.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Ki Tissa 5773

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi    Parshat  Ki Tissa
A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

The Holy One, blessed be He, continues to dismantle and destroy, to cleanse and purify the entire world, and whatever is holy and pure will remain! All neighboring Arab nations and beyond our immediate area will fold like a tower of cards one after the other. All that will remain in the world is good people doing good! The bad ones will be destroyed and will destroy themselves!

The war of Gog and Magog is a war for the goyim, closed and sealed in heaven and on earth! All the activities now are a preparation for crowning King Mashiach! King Mashiach comes and goes in each generation, but in this generation he will stay forever and ever! This is the reason that the Holy One is dismantling the evil in the world, the impurity, and is preparing the path towards crowning King Mashiach! The hardest job is being done by the Holy One in the world, and King Mashiach will continue the work, to clean and purify the entire world in order to bring all the Jews to holy Eretz Yisrael and to build the Third Temple to stay eternally! The world will be one of love, unity and love for no reason. This is the Creator’s plan, and whoever didn’t know – knows now!

“Whoever is for God come to Me” in holy Eretz Yisrael!

All members of Knesset were elected in order to protect and safeguard the State of Israel. Regarding what is happening between the parties the Holy One is saying: it’s all nonsense, it’s all arrogance and honor and it’s a pity that they are a banner and representatives of  Eretz Yisrael. Take yourselves in your hands and stop the honor games! You are endangering the State of  Israel and in the meantime the goyim are exploiting every second, making fun and laughing at you and are planning damage within holy Eretz Yisrael.

The Holy One wants to protect the honor of the Knesset!

In Egypt, every time they claim they have captured smuggled items, it’s all nonsense! They captured 2% and 98% was not captured, all this is said to buy the trust of Tzahal and the government of Israel. Tzahal must not be complacent and believe them, as huge amounts of weapons and ammunition continue to arrive from Sinai. Egypt will pay in a big way for all they permit to be smuggled into the Gaza strip. Egypt finds itself in the midst of a harsh revolution and the media is not even telling everything – the revolution will be more severe than in Syria.

Syria continues to be erased and no one can help, they will destroy each other.
In Turkey they border is getting hotter, overtly and covertly, invaders from all over the world will come there too.

Hamas and the Palestinians are organizing protests together with haters of Israel. Hamas can’t take a single step without direction. The haters of Israel have exploited the situation that there is yet no coalition, they are leading and helping to harm and bother the State of Israel.

Hamas exploits hundreds and thousands of refugees arriving in Turkey and Jordan without money and is preparing them to become mercenaries in order to harm Jews in Jerusalem and the diaspora. In Eretz Yisrael the Jews are protected – in the diaspora not!

In Iran there will be a huge revolution, nothing will help them. The economy will take a hard fall, there will be severe unemployment, and the Holy One will give them the ten plagues with a modern twist. It would be better for Iran to take care of its economy rather than creating a bomb. They will fail with their atomic designs, their swords will enter their own hearts and their arrows will break!

The King of Jordan is making plans to surround himself with a protective wall, but Hamas and the refugees “have eaten” him. He closes his eyes and allows Hamas to harm Israel so they will leave him alone – nothing will help him, Hamas has a big “appetite”, they will “swallow” the King and take over Jordan, they “play” as though they need pity but in reality they are very crafty.  The State of Israel shouldn’t be afraid when the Jordanian government falls into the hands of Hamas or the refugees from Syria, the Holy One will cause them to fall by themselves and they won’t have time to “scratch their heads!” Jews in Israel, don’t worry, the Creator is saying, “one who begins a mitzvah completes the mitzvah” and the Creator, who began this big mitzvah – certainly will complete it until the very end! The discerning will know what I mean!

Hezbollah cannot do anything and lets everyone else do the dirty work. The Holy One is leading everything and is protecting the Golan Heights. The Holy One is showing our government, and all those who want to give away pieces of Eretz Yisrael, how they are fighting among themselves. We must not use empty words, we must protect every piece of Eretz Yisrael! The entire world hates Hamas, Hezbollah and Nasrallah, and they don’t want to get involved with them, all nations are in extreme difficulty and are not looking for more trouble.

The Jews in Eretz Yisrael and in its government must give support to Tzahal. Tzahal should not mix in with politics! Soldiers of Tzahal have to be very careful not to take tremps. Hamas and Palestinians are investing millions of shekel in a significant scheme to kidnap soldiers, and this is their strongest weapon to deceive and undermine the State of Israel. Soldiers of Tzahal should not say “this will never happen to me,” protect yourselves, be careful!

The economy in Israel, like we’ve said before, is strong, the most balanced in the world – it will never collapse! Everything is available in Eretz Yisrael, blessing is upon it, and it lacks nothing!

Forces of nature on the face of the earth will continue to plague every place around the world and Eretz Yisrael will be protected! The Holy One is increasing the pressure on Jews in the diaspora who don’t want to see His workings in the world, undermining Him as it were, and He is doing this through forces of nature, failing economies and anti-Semitism in the world, so that they will understand Him 110% and not say when the day comes that they weren’t warned! The Creator works in a pure way, never forgot a Jew and never will, He wants to wake and warn everyone. The Creator speaks in an understandable way with every person in the world, with everything that has life in it, with animals and trees and angels in the Heavens and on Earth! The entire universe understands the words of Hashem! Let there not be, God forbid, a complaint from anyone that they didn’t understand what the Holy One is asking of them, no Jew will be able to say, “I didn’t understand!”

The Jews have begun to escape in huge numbers from France , this is the first link in the chain that will disintegrate, and all the others will eventually crumble as well. The Jews will receive their plagues all around the world and threats at knife point from the goyim. Hundreds of thousands of Jews are receiving physical and verbal hits until they will come to realize they must come to holy Eretz Yisrael! Whoever is not Jewish, don’t come! The meteors from the sky will continue to make more revolutions around the earth  in order that the world understand that there is Someone who is the King of Kings, the Holy One blessed be He, who directs the world and wishes to transform it into a world of holiness and purity, a world of baseless love!

Every person who thinks of themselves as “king”, the Holy One will reveal that person in their nakedness! Anyone who masquerades and exploits the religion and Jewish tradition to do stupid and crooked activities – the Holy One will reveal them in their nakedness!

The war of Gog and Magog, spoken of as indefinite, will never come to Eretz Yisrael! The Holy One altered his decree and moved it upon the goyim – this will only affect the goyim! The Holy One is covering Israel  the Holy One and the Shechina caress and envelop the State of Israel! We need to continue to open and expand and build many moshavim in the Negev, in the north, Shomron and Binyamin, not in the center of the country! There is no lack of land upon which to build; the country’s center has become like a splintering bubble.

In order to crown King Mashiach in this year, let all the Jewish women read Tehillim, each one in her home, or in groups, or Kever Rachel or other burial grounds of great Tzadikkim, and recite this prayer with great supplication and concentration: The pain and suffering that have accompanied Am Yisrael every day are enough!

 Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Beshalach 5773

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi   Parshat Beshalach
A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

(Translator’s note: May the inspiration gained from this translation be a spiritual benefit to the memory of my loving mother, Trudy Adler, aleha ha-shalom, who was kissed into the next world on the first day of Sukkot)

The Master of the world has compassion on all the children of Israel; He loves Am Yisrael and wants all Jews to believe in Him – without seeing and without hearing. This is what was planned from the beginning of the world and so it will be, like it or not, pity for the Jews to be stubborn! Am Yisrael is duty-bound to thank the Holy One, every morning and each day, for all the wonders and miracles that He does for Am Yisrael. Each Jew must give praise and sing and acknowledge the Holy One, for all the miracles and awesome occurrences that the Master of the world does for me, each and every minute of each and every day!

It is forbidden to speak ill of Am Yisrael. Each person in the world, every country, head of state, president or leader who will use soiled words against Am Yisrael – the Holy One will give a terrible blow, also sickness, and will create discord between the person and his nation. Every head of state, president or leader who will speak well of Am Yisrael and protect it – will have good health, peace with his people, a good economy and success with everything.

The world is going through harsh throes of complications and difficulties, an economy that is disintegrating in a downward progression, and ten plagues like there were in Egypt in their order, each day everywhere in the world. In holy Eretz Yisrael will be only good. The economy is stable and strong, and the Jews of Am Yisrael will all engage in complete repentance.

The exposure near kibbutz Nir-Oz of a tunnel was a miracle from the Holy One. There are other tunnels from Gaza, some in preparation stages and some close to being completed. The Holy One revealed the tunnel to Am Yisrael like a father protecting his children. This is a miracle like those of Chanuka and Purim. The intentions of the heads of Hamas are only evil, they want to enter Israel only to destroy and kill. If God forbid they had access through the tunnel, they would have done terrible things and there would have been a terrible catastrophe. The Holy One preempted the illness with the remedy and didn’t give them the “pleasure” to harm his children. The Holy One says, ‘Whoever is for God come to Me’ – he is the one who will be safe, protected and successful. All the kibbutzim in the vicinity of Gaza, that have the possibility to make walls in the ground in order to eliminate the possibility of tunnels and pathways – should do it.

The Arabs surrounding us do not lack land, they want to take every slice of land from Eretz Yisrael, because their purpose is not peace. The government of Israel must be on alert in this regard. The plan of the Arabs is to erase Am Yisrael and all they are doing is one big show.

Syria will continue to be erased until the end, until it is all empty.

The rain that fell in Jordan was for them a curse. Soon they will have more rain and will harm Jordan very strongly. Jordan will be called a nation of chaos and confusion, everything will be mixed up in it and will no longer be called Jordan.

Egypt will have its turn with force. They have confusion, will have worse chaos, and they will have their ten plagues again. Everything we’ve said about Egypt will happen! The Aswan Dam will open and create flooding, so that they should see and they should fear and not speak against Am Yisrael.

Turkey is preparing against an invasion from Syria and Jordan, they understand and know the Syrians to be cruel and evil.

Iran will not be able to actualize its threats, because there are “plants” operating through the hands of the Holy One. Ahmadinejad is like a bird that flaps its wings and flies around and returns to its nest. He knows very well, that the Holy One protects and safeguards Am Yisrael, and is scared to death of the Jews. Before he presses the button – they will kill him, whether someone from his nation or the Holy One.

Lebanon and Hezbollah can’t do anything – Syria and Iran complicate matters.

Israel is opening up its eyes very wide to all the Arab nations to see what is happening with their weapons and ammunitions, in order to prepare the remedy before the illness.

All European nations, the United States and all countries in the world, are involved in very difficult problems. Each country and its problems, whether dealing with harsh forces of nature, or problems of refugees, or conflicts between Muslims and Christians and anti-Semitism against the Jews, the Holy One is creating it all so that all the Jews will come to Eretz Yisrael, and they will come! Millions of Jews are on their way to Israel in various stages.

The government of Israel and all the parties must come together, they should all be one group with one heart and insist on baseless love. They have no choice, this is the will of the Creator of the world and a Force which has no match in strength.

We’ll repeat and say: whoever steals, lies, covets, is unfaithful or does any awful deed, the Holy One personally will reveal him in his deceit before the entire world! Therefore it is desirable for every Jew to repent, so they he should not be revealed and embarrassed, and to acknowledge the Holy One by saying, “How wondrous are your deeds Hashem…”

All Jewish parents of Am Yisrael, take care of your sons and daughters between the ages of 10-18. Explain to them, in every which way, that it is forbidden to believe in the goyim; everyone should “respect and suspect” them! Parents, make a huge effort, pity the havoc that has no repair, the goyim are tempting the daughters of Israel and through this want to erase the Jewish race, they will never ever succeed!

Am Yisrael, Jews who are true Jews be involved with acts of kindness and reading many chapters of Tehillim, because Tehillim are the garment that protects the Jews.

All the terrible forces of nature and what they leave behind, and all that happens with cars and planes and ships are all under the supervision of the Creator, he controls the world, in which every day is harder than the one previous. The Creator uses the forces of nature, as well as anti-Semites which is part of these forces – against those who just plainly hate Jews.

All Jews, who are true Jews, who live in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and in European countries, please, the Creator is begging and pleading with you, the place for Jews is in holy Eretz Yisrael. Don’t anger the Holy One, pity, don’t say ‘this will never happen to me’, anti-Semitism has gone out of control. The Creator will not stop, will continue to dismantle the world, and will not take into consideration any person in the world, except for the Jews living in holy Eretz Yisrael. In Eretz Yisrael there is livelihood and work for everyone.

Real estate in the Land will continue its momentum, in order to accommodate the needs of millions of Jews who are in various stages of aliyah. Millions of Jews are on their way to Israel and millions of Jews buying houses in Israel in order to populate in stages the Negev, the north, the Shomron and Binyamin.

There is redemption for the Jews and for the entire world. The entire world is being cleansed, being purified! The source of blessing for the entire world is holy Eretz Yisrael! Everything is in preparation for the crowning of King Mashiach ben David who is working and doing!

All the goyim around us know that Mashiach exists and is working, and the Holy One says to the Jews: Wake up! 

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.     

Friday, January 18, 2013

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Parshat Bo 5773

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi  Parshat Bo
A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

(Translator’s note: May the inspiration gained from this translation be a spiritual benefit to the memory of my loving mother, Trudy Adler, aleha ha-shalom, who was kissed into the next world on the first day of Sukkot)

Father in Heaven is a good and loving Father! All of Am Yisrael should acknowledge this goodness and give thanks to the Holy One and say “How manifold are your creations Hashem! How manifold are your creations Hashem in holy Eretz Yisrael and in the entire world!”

In Eretz Yisrael there were rains of blessing, rains of joy, rains of purity, rains of cleanliness, rains that filled the Kinneret with water! Kinneret is like the harp (kinor) of David and the Kinneret gives purity to all the bodies of water in the world.  

Everyone worried about the Kinneret and the Holy One extended His hand and gave a huge blessing and a huge gift to Am Yisrael!

The Holy One is showing Am Yisrael, that there is Someone in the world that is directing and leading all of Am Yisrael from top to bottom. Just like life and death are in the hands of the Holy One, so too is rain.

Life and water are exclusively in the Hands of the Holy One and in none other. The Holy One is showing the whole world that the Kinneret – Kinor David – will never ever dry out! The Kinneret, in which is found the Well of Miriam, is the blessing and is the essence of the state to the world! All the spigots go from the Kinneret to the whole world!

Father in Heaven is saying to those among Am Yisrael who complain about the damage from the storm, “Why didn’t you prepare the drainage infrastructure as needed? Didn’t you believe that in Tevet there will be rains of blessing!” The rain, hail and snow gave life to the Jews and joy in their hearts. The Holy One allowed the Jews to feel a sense of spirituality, every Jew breathes into his lungs and says, “How manifold are your creations, Hashem!”

The elections in Israel, we have said that any party that shames or slanders – will fall, all who promise things and are lying – will fall. A party that deals with truth and righteousness, with clean words and for the benefit of Am Yisrael – will rise and be successful. The government of Israel need not rely on any country, only on itself and the Holy One. Every country and government works out of personal interest.

In Syria, Assad continues to destroy his people, which is a Godly plan. The Holy One is giving back to them with the same measure, what they did to His children in Israel’s wars. Let’s not forget we are the children of the Holy One! All the nations know that the Jews are a treasured people, chosen by the Holy One. The terrible way the Syrians dealt with Israeli soldiers, really angered the Holy One, and like the Syrians were cruel – their leader is cruel to his people. The Creator will not let them stop fighting among each other until Syria is totally destroyed. Syria will be crippled, the Creator will break their back, their neck and their legs and Syria will be no more.

In Egypt there will be a “celebration” among them, no less than in Syria. The Egyptians are smuggling ammunitions on a regular basis to Hamas and Fatah. Once in a while they catch someone, to appear as though they are helping Israel. Just as the Holy One promised, the Aswan Dam will go into action and lots of water will pour over Egypt. This can happen at any time. Neither prayers nor preventive actions of the Egyptians will help, this is part of the purpose of the Creator.

Hamas, Fatah and the Palestinians happy and dancing, they think the state of Israel is weak, God forbid.

The state of Israel is the strongest in the entire world! The army commanders didn’t want to ‘waste’ the might and the soldiers of Tzahal on Gaza and the Palestinians. Tzahal knows when to put their hands on the enemy, this is understandably also a Heavenly plan. The Holy One entered the minds of the commanders and because of this they are working to protect the state of Israel.

The Jordanians are big talkers, they have chaos with the refugees. The Palestinians together with Hamas, will create major havoc to take control of the government. The King of Jordan finds himself scared and fearful and asks, ‘What is this edict that has fallen on me!’ He has no solution! Rains of blessings in our areas – for Jordan they were rains of curses.

Iran, “figuratively,” is quiet. They are on alert and scared to death – they are scared to make a mistake. There are “plants” put there by the Holy One who are in the atomic reactors in Iran and Ahmadinejad knows that if he makes a mistake, even a tiny one – Iran will become islands of rubble! Whether because of the Creator or those who oppose Ahmadinejad.

In Lebanon, Nasrallah has no back, no shoulders or weapons, they are eating each other up.

So no one will make a mistake, the Defense Minister chosen in the United States, will not oppose the state of Israel! He will work from the interests of the United States which are a support to Am Yisrael. The Defense Minister likes Israel and is for the state of Israel. President Barak Obama is very smart, from Heaven he is being helped to be wise – most of his advisors are Jewish! Remove the fear from your hearts and bless the new Defense Secretary and his work.

The whole world is in chaos, with all kinds of terrible forces of nature. In Australia it’s 50 degrees warmer – in China it’s 50 degrees colder.

There will be strong wind storms, colorful, nice and spectacular like the storm that occurred in Australia that came from the ocean, like hurricane Sandy in New York that harmed Jews in New York who don’t want to listen to the Holy One and come to Israel. Soon another “Sandy” will come, very strong, like the one in Australia. Many Jews live in Australia and they will come to understand the message from the Creator to come to Eretz Yisrael. There will be earthquakes so that the world of impurity will decompose and so that the Jews ‘will be shaken out’ and come to Eretz Yisrael.
The polar ices are melting and all the islands have horrors and abominations taking place in them will disappear. The world has not gone crazy, the purpose of the chaos is to purify the world – except for holy Eretz Yisrael!

The world is receiving its ten plagues regularly each day, until the world will be pure and holy! All ten plagues, every day, across the world – every place has its own plague: storms, cold, heat, darkness – there is everything! (In Egypt there is a plague just about every month). This is to prepare for the revelation of King Mashiach ben David in mercy!

Moses our teacher was the first redeemer, with great difficulty speaking. The final redeemer will be a copy of Moses our teacher, the same person but with stronger powers.

Mashiach is found in holy Eretz Yisrael, is working and doing in holy Eretz Yisrael, protecting the soldiers of Tzahal, gives them a chance ‘to rest’ and is doing their work against the Arab nations as well as the whole world! Mashiach will not stop until he is crowned shortly, in this generation!

Blessed is the generation that merits it! And for a generation to merit it, it must change bitter into sweet, to love without reason, do kindness and say Tehillim.

The economy of Am Yisrael will never fall, and real estate will continue to grow and expand beyond bounds.

Two millions Jews are on their way to Eretz Yisrael, one million actually and another million are buying or are preparing to buy homes in Israel.

Am Yisrael, the time for your redemption has come! Rejoice that Mashiach will be revealed and ask that he be revealed this year!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.